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Movies are in essence the synthesis of the arts. Since its start in the mid-19th century, the film industry has changed dramatically not only in technology but also in its power to reach millions, entertain, educate and impact culture.  Since The Passion of the Christ (2004), the audience demand for faith-based / faith-friendly films have steadily increased.


Now more than ever, Christian filmmakers have the opportunity to write stories, produce and distribute films that are inspired by the issues God cares about.  As modern-day parables, "Christian" movies should not only be catered to believers but to everyone.  It is our hope to inspire aspiring and leading filmmakers to receive God's story for them to tell generations to come.

Film productin slate -  image found in Arise & Shine Arts and Entertainment (ASAE) Christian Community helping emerging artists and creatives by providing ministry, education and resources.
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