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man and woman standing with two pairs of shoes on ground passion -  image found in Arise & Shine Arts and Entertainment (ASAE) Christian Community helping emerging artists and creatives by providing ministry, education and resources.


We aim to facilitate regular group and one-to-one meetings to engage visual, performing and literary artists, and other creatives from a diversity of styles and backgrounds, both emerging and working in the top of their field.  Here are some gatherings planned:


  • Every 4th Saturday evening of each month (via Facebook Events Page)

  • Includes worship and prayer, speaker-led Bible study, personal ministry time, fellowship with refreshments

  • Inclusive of all creatives disciplines: Film, Music, Creative Writing, Visual Arts and Performing Arts



  • Bi-weekly meetings during a weekday evening (via Facebook Events Page)

  • Topics or teachings facilitated by group leader(s) in their respective creative disciplines

  • Opportunity to share art, performances or creative projects (finished or in progress) for group input

  • Opportunity for fellowship, networking, community building and working collaboratively

  • Opportunity for outreach to community: local artists, high schools and colleges


  • Group and one-to-one meetings between mentor/mentee as scheduled (via personal invitation)



  • Monthly, Semi-annual or Annual multi-day event wherein members’ works of art, performances and creative projects in various disciplines will have opportunity to be showcased in public 

  • Spiritual leader(s) and Worship leader(s) will be invited to share, teach, impart and empower

  • Creative leader(s), Profesional(s) and Educator(s) in the Arts and Entertainment industry are invited to teach, equip and train

Monthly ASAE Gatherings: Worship, Prayer, Sharing & Fellowship
ASAE Music & Arts Exhibition / Performing Arts Events
Summer ASAE Worship / Prayer Community Outreach
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