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umbrellas different colors in the air -  image found in Arise & Shine Arts and Entertainment (ASAE) Christian Community helping emerging artists and creatives by providing ministry, education and resources.

Crafting Spirit-Inspired Creative Expressions.

We aim to engage visual, performing and literary artists, and other creatives from a diversity of styles and backgrounds, both emerging and working in the top of their field.  Through regular group meetings of each respective discipline led by seasoned professional(s) / master(s) or experienced leader(s), we hope to facilitate the sharing of personal art, performance or project to receive group input, constructive critique and encouragement within a safe and loving environment. Equally important, we hope to provide learning opportunities through regular educational seminars, mentoring relationships and training workshops within each respective discipline.


Ultimately, the goal is to not only foster personal growth in the craft, but to allow opportunity for artists to build community, network, and work together towards Spirit-inspired projects and creative expressions. This is God's Kingdom-building together!


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