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Cute Kids Posing Against Wall


Discover and memorize varieties of animal families with adventurous Fiver, the first dwarf giraffe to cross the Atlantic! Bring Fiver's cries to the sky and dreams from the clouds into your home, as the Creator of the universe reminds us he has planned every step on our way, and we belong to a chosen family stronger than blood!



The story of Fiver is a wonderful adventure story. Fiver was born with a specific purpose in life which took time, courage and exploration to find. Even though he was not as tall as his parents, their love and acceptance helped him to find his path. His journey encourages a child to find his or her unique voice. Beautifully written and illustrated. Highly recommend this book!

Family with Tablet


Fiver is a loveable giraffe that will warm the hearts of kids who read his story. Parents can rest assured in a story that's heartwarming and touching for kids of all ages. I look forward to reading many more adventures about Fiver!!!

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