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About Fiver Finds Home 

Meet the world’s first blue dwarf giraffe!
With five purple spots and half the normal size, Fiver struggles to belong. His journey leads him across the vast savanna plains of Africa to the quaint city of Savannah, Georgia.

Along the way, Fiver encounters many exciting adventures, signs and wonders - finding inspiration in the most unusual places. Join Fiver as he discovers his purpose for being born different, and gets a second chance at finding home.  
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Meet the Creators of Fiver Finds Home

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Jill & Eric Bugbee

Author, film producer and singer/songwriter, Jill Bugbee, enjoys being creative! Together with her husband, Eric, they authored the story of Fiver Finds Home, originally written as a feature film treatment. Having partnered on many creative endeavors over the years, they are passionate to bring uplifting content to audiences through the craft of storytelling. With their two children, Collin and Kayla, the family reside in the Northeast of the United States, and their love for exploration has lead to many fun and memorable adventures.
Jill’s colorful character, Fiver, was inspired by a dream where she met him as she stepped into a quaint café. She marveled at a blue-colored, purple-spotted, 7-foot tall giraffe gliding gracefully across the restaurant — grabbing menus, plates and setting tables for customers with his long neck, smooth agility, and incredible balance. Instinctively, Jill somehow knew his name was Fiver.  As this magnificent creature approached her, Jill immediately fell in love with his big, kind eyes. He asked her the question, “5:15?” which was probably her reservation time, or perhaps something else to be revealed and discovered in the future.
When Jill awoke, she excitedly shared the dream with her family. They strongly believed this was a divine appointment, as God often speaks through dreams. Through Fiver’s story, Jill and Eric hope that children and adults around the world will also be inspired by heavenly dreams, signs, and wonders that will lead them to many meaningful adventures of their own.

Meet the Illustrator 

Jennifer Davison.jpg

Jennifer Davison

Freelance illustrator Jennifer Davison lives in Northern Ireland, and works in her little studio, surrounded by children’s books, toys and numerous hot cups of tea. She began her career as a digital artist in an animation studio in Belfast, where she worked on a variety of projects for children’s TV. Her passion for illustration then led her to pursue a career as a children’s book illustrator. She has now worked on over 30 picture books for publishers all across the globe, creating artwork with warmth, life and colour. Above all, she hopes in some way to add happiness and value through her artwork.
Her journey with Fiver began long before a friend of hers tagged her on a project opportunity she saw on a Facebook group post. Starting in 2017, God had given Jennifer a vision about making a book to visually illustrate how The Creator has His stamp all over creation and the universe. Interestingly, there was one date in particular that kept coming into her mind over and over - July 15. During that time, she also came across Eric and Jill's feature film documentary project-in-development, Quantum God, exploring where science and faith converge. Three years later, when Jennifer looked up the book project, it pointed to the same creators of the film project! Just as significantly, July 15, 2020 was the day she officially signed a contract to be Fiver's illustrator. 
Back in 2019 in Belfast, Jennifer attended a prophetic workshop where a girl approached Jennifer rather timidly, and shared what she saw over her life: four trees and a winding river. The girl saw what appeared to be like a children’s drawing of trees - straight up and down trunks with bushy leaves on top. Jennifer became excited as the girl didn't even know she was actually a children’s book illustrator. One year later, when Eric gave Jennifer his storyboard compositions, it was then that Jennifer saw and realized one of the pages looked almost exactly the same drawing the girl previously gave her - this time Fiver overlooking four Baobab trees and a winding river!
To top off the many signs and roads "pointing" Jennifer to Fiver, on the day she delivered the final illustrations of the book project, January 6, 2021, Jill notified her of an article she just saw published by the New York Times the same day: Dwarf Giraffes Discovery Surprises Scientists. For the first time in scientific history, a dwarf giraffe has been observed in nature. There's no question in her mind and heart that she was always meant to be part of a beautiful children's book project that pointed to Creator God's wonderful designs!

"Arise and shine for your light has come and the glory of the Lord rises upon you."

Isaiah 60:1

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