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Above the Clouds
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Our Story

Our company began with a dream, literally. Now, it is fueled with passion for bringing uplifting, redemptive and inspirational stories - both in fiction and nonfiction books, as well as music distribution. The subject matter we love to explore consists of Biblical truths,  memorable personal stories, and well-developed tales built in classical three-act structure.

From our co-founder / author Jill Bugbee's first dream of a blue, dwarf giraffe character, to our first book release, Fiver Finds Home in March 2021, we anticipate a steadfast and fulfilling  journey with Fiver, as a children's book series and a future animated movie and TV show.


In addition to several other children's stories, besides Fiver, currently in development, we also plan to release inspirational non-fiction books in the near future, beginning with 7 Days to Victory, by 515 Publishing's co-founder / author, Eric Bugbee.

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