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The producers of Heroes of Dirt brought together a core team of film industry pros and legendary BMX riders and jump builders to create perhaps the raddest movie in a generation.




Phin, our lead actor is played by Joel Moody, an Austin native who currently resides in Los Angeles CA.  He was a sponsored rider, rode in the Warped Tour and performs most of his own stunts in the film.

Bill Allen ("Cru Jones" in Rad, a Sony Pictures classic 1986 movie about BMX racing) is playing Phin's father. Our other cast includes up-and-coming talented actors, most of whom reside in the Lehigh Valley, Philadelphia and New York region.

Riders appearing include Cattywoods Trails locals like Dave King, Sam Dorward and Devin Albino. Others include Van Homan, Brian Foster, Pat "Big Daddy" Laughlin, Alex Landeros, Anthony Napolitan, the Animal Team - as well as a bunch of pros from around the world.





Eric Bugbee (Executive Producer / Director / Sceenwriter) first envisioned the idea of making a film incorporating freestyle BMX at Cattywoods Trails while hanging out among local riders.  A dirt rider himself since the age of 10, Eric combines his passion for riding with filmmaking.


Among his colleagues for Heroes of Dirt include Jill Bugbee (Producer / Co-writer / Production Manager), Kevyn Bashore (Producer / Co-writer / Production Designer), Bob Massey (Co-writer), Manny Ribau (Co-Producer / PA), Matthew Roseman (Assistant Director / Editor), Joel Ivory (Director of Photography), Ben Gaskell (2nd Unit DP / Ist AC), Vic Jeans & Giselle Peralta (Editors), and Dave King & Pauline Rice (Associate Producers)

The sound and audio team consist of Josh Neal (Sound Miixer), Matthew Whitworth (Boomer), Vic Jeans (Sound Designer).

Other team members include Dylan Warren (Script Supervisor), Erik Knipe (Music Supervisor / Head PA), Amy Keller (Assistant Editor) and Stacy Beaty (Catering Manager).

Several local college interns were also invaluable in helping make the production process a success.

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